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Reviewing Made in Maiduguri album by super star Bossboy is a reminder or throwback to Bossboy fans all over the globe. This project was triggered sensationally for the love of the city Bossboy had. Album was Recorded, hyped and promoted 2019 in major promotional platforms. It consists of good production by many major producers in north. Producers like CMan who is permanently a producer to super star BOC Madaki,  also KDS Records who is Bauchi state based producer, in addition, Teesharkz the magic fingers, who happened to be the first producer to produce Bossboy  2017 at Crosswood records. Now below is the download link to Bossboy Made in Maiduguri album. Make sure you download from track one to fifteen to enjoy greatness. Don't forget you can follow him on Instagram @bossboyexception thank you

1. Made in Maid        Download
2. Ina Suke?        Download    
3. An Fito        Download
4. Gaya Masu        Download
5. Babylon        Download
6. They Wonder        Download     
7. Na Miji        Download
8. Loyalty        Download
9. Boss for the north        Download
10. Nasiha        Download
11. Borno Ba Kauye Bane        Download
12. Monster        Download
13. Soyayya        Download
14. Gentle Man        Download
15. Wahalla        Download

Iceskinny - MIM Theme  song        Download

Album Back Cover 

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