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In a recent interview with abima vibes, Bossboy was ask to choose between ClassiQ and DJAb but he end up choosing them both saying they are all good and he respect them both. Now Hausa flaver talk talk show is here with an opinion raised by our page followers demanding a join collaboration between Borno Mafia popularly known as Bossboy and the most trending artist in north currently, DJ Abba. Now let's compare them both and see, Bossboy is a good singer but he is more extraordinary when it comes to Hausa trap music, while DJ Ab is also good in singing and a genius when it comes to hausa trap. Looking at the ways it goes, could it be that Bossboy and Dj Ab are compatible for a music collaboration? Because the last time I check, most of the hausa rappers are giving Hip hop songs and only few artists like ClassiQ, DjAb, Bossboy etc are really giving out hausa trap.
Listing to MONSTER By Bossboy on this link PLAY

Do you think Bossboy and DJAb are compatible for a joint project? Please leave us your comments below 👇👇👇

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