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Borno state front line artist Ezekiel Lawan popular known as Bossboy Dan Borno is indeed a genius. I personally haven't heard most of his songs but the day I've heard his recent albums titled "Made In Maiduguri" I was automatically overwhelmed and have no option but to become one of his die heart fan.

Seriously, Bossboy got my respect exactly the same day I've streamed his album, he totally made me realize, sometimes is not only about the top artist in north that matters, as for me I rate him as one of the top artists doing great and marvelous music in north. Have you listened to his song "Nasiha" "Made in Maid" "Soyayya" "Green light" "Wahalla" "They wonder" "Gentle Man" and indeed "Monster " Infact below are some of my reasons why Bossboy remain an exception artists read it carefully.


1. UNIQUENESS :- The rapper is unique in all aspect of his career most especially his stage name "Bossboy" wow only the stage name already explain why he is exceptional

2. ORIGINALITY:- This guy make his own beats, artwork to crown it way forward, he own and controls blogs like www.hausaflaver.com.ng which he is also using it to promote his song. Point me any artist in northern Nigeria with same type of talent.

3. CONSISTENCY:- I know Bossboy and heard alot about him, and I made some blogging strategies and research about the artist, and found out that he has been a standout artist who has been consistently dropping hits upon hits upon hits, do you want to know why? If you ask majority of Bossboy's fans to point out one favorite songs out of his whole body of work, they will get confused and said indeed all are good, this is also one of the reason why Bossboy is different from any other artist in northern Nigeria.

4. QUALITY PRODUCTIONS :- If you are a good listener of northern artists, you will found out that there are incomparable and sometimes on the same side in case of production quality. Bossboy made quality beats from his MIM Album 2019, more over, he has been using the best producers in north to voice, mix and master his songs and you can bear me witness that he has been using Producers like CMan who is the currently a producer to BOC Madaki who produced 60% of MIM Album, Seek beatz who is currently one of the greatest beehive producers, KDS who is now the most trending producer in north, Mr Pen who was the magic fingers behind the song "Green Light" which was massively accepted all over the country not even north and have earned airplays in many radio stations mostly Peace FM Maiduguri and Kanem FM 97.7

5. GOOD LYRICS: He is very tricky when it comes to song writing, his lines always make sense because they are connected, almost all of his songs sounds like a story due to powerful talent of writing and of course, he do write reality music, according to northjustokay, songs like Soyayya, wahalla, monster, Joy,  Broken heart, green light are all based on real life  issues which you can testify the energy, delivery, lyrics, story lines and productions are so unique that you will like to replay it over and over.

6. PROMOTIONS:- According to the reports northjustokay received, he has been paying top bloggers in north to promote his songs. Blogs like Arewahiphopmusic, Hausatop,  micnaij, mosta TV, Yolaloaded and  a lots more and aside that, he is also promoting his songs himself in his blogs and u can also testify Hausa Flaver,  Borno Celebrities and modern naija has been his grassroots blogs which he has been using to hype himself. No wonder, I read a post he recently tweeted "Iam my number one hype man" and its just the truth. Moreover, he has been one of the top artists who earns airplays in so many radio stations in Borno. Talking about promotion, is a very large scale topic because to me, this is why Bossboy remain the top artist in Maiduguri and one good reason why he is highly exceptional. After dropping Nasiha video, Morell made an assurance towards helping Bossboy, and on a very good day, I saw Nomise Gee talking about Bossboy on H hiphop program, saying indeed Bossboy is a great artist and him and Morell will do everything possible to make sure they promote his music and that's how we spotted Bossboy on arewa 24 top 10 count down TV programs which he remain on the list for about a month, this is also a good reason why he is Exceptional because only few artist in Maiduguri that make it to Arewa 24 and that's Morell and DC.

7: SELF RESPECT AND SELF-ESTEEM:- The singer, rapper, producer, graphics designer and a blogger always sees himself at the top and that's a sensitive sign of self-esteem of which many mistook it to pride but one good thing I like about Bossboy is that he always don't pay attention to such instead,  he get rid of them and concentrate more. When it comes to self-respect we are talking about knowing your worth, how to go about with people, society, and fellow artists. Well in his case, he serious on a high note respect himself, his fellow artists who respect him back and branded himself to the extend that some of his fans turn hatters, and some of his hatters turn fans.. Lol that's funny tho.

8. BRANDING :- Bossboy has been a well packaged artist since from the start that's 2017. He begone his music career not as a loosed artist but maintained his level by branding himself. according to an interview northjustokay had with him, he said that he didn't came to the music industry to feel among artist or to joke, that's why he branded himself even before becoming extra famous. He said he used his brother Mr Jonathan Yaska as his manager and this gave him standards, before he got signed to another label, which was managed by slim jack, along the line now Bossboy is a signed artists under SVS Records Maiduguri. He also stated that any artist who refused to brand himself from the start will remain unbranded for ever. This one loud oh

9. SHOWS AND EVENTS:- Bossboy record about 156 events attended within his starting year that's 2017, and 432 in 2018/2019. If you are in Maiduguri you will relate to this because no artist in Maiduguri who has been opportuned to be invited in several events within the starting year. And this gave me a good perception about this artist because a lots of artists have been doing this music in Maiduguri for decades, artist like Diesel N, Khaleef, Teesharks, Eljay Beks,  Befy, Dragmood, Mr 007, YDee Nas, OneBoi, Yungvick, Links Melissa, LilHoszy, Guytin and alots more were there before him and they have been doing great too, but at the initial appearance of Bossboy Dan Borno, the music industry in Maidugiri made a turn and everyone was focusing on Bossboy because he came with a full force and dominated virtually verywhere with just a single track "Ina Suke" I don't know how Bossboy did that but its really shocking because at the same starting year, he was invited to perform along side ClassiQ in Xcomandos event, and again, with Morell and till date, he still maintained been relevant.

10. RELEVANCE:- To summarize it all, Bossboy consistently drops hits upon hits, upon hits infact, he drops hot and energetic music almost like every month of each year and mind you, every song was a hits except that you didn't hear it. Do you know that Bossboy never rest or settled for less? Let's check this professionally, Dropping hits consistently, still manage time to become his own hype man, Still manage time to attend to his customers when it comes to other services like, Blogging, graphics designing, beat making and a lots more. What else do you require me to say for you to believe that superstar  Bossboy is Exceptional. Do you feel am off point?  Drop your comment below!

And if you want to believed in all that I've said or mentioned above, please creat time and data to stream or download  Bossboy "Made in Maiduguri " Album. Please to access this, click on this download icon below. 

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