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Welcome to Prince Zadok Music.

 Prince Zadok is a minister of our time, an inspiration to our generation, music producer and a preacher of the gospel in songs and word, he's been consistend in bringing out amazing sounds of praises. Song like "The Potter" 

He has come again with the new music album, praises and song's of revival "JOURNEY"

When many think of cross-bearing, they think off an attitude of resignation to human frailties (which all too often leads to excusing ourselves from being all that God has made it possible for us to be in Christ). Instead, the song's are speaking of  complete  loving identification of our lives with Christ, reminding us of who Christ is and what He stands for, and also what He wants to accomplish through us in this dark world. 

Download and Share, be blessed!

In this platform you will have access to some of his recorded songs which are made available in mp3 extension format. 




(1) Download  Journey

(2) Download  Army of Christ Ft Moris Selah

(3)  Download give me love

(4) Download  Like You

(5) Download   You the reason Ft Naphtali Yakubu

(6)  Download The Potter

(7) Download  Bazan barka ba

(8) Download Izhq e Yqqsu

(9) Download  Love

(10) Download uncomparable God

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